Demerlay Plumcreek Oakley (21.12.12)


IMG_3366Jeff copy Oakley 3379Jeff copy

                  Plumcreek Fortune Rocketman                                          Plumcreek A Night At The Met With Sejoda

      (AmCh Plumcreek Going Big Time JC x Fortune Putting on Airs)                          (Plumcreek New York New York x Am Ch Ampersand Airbourne)

PM Fortune Rocketman Penny


Below Oakley

Below 5.5 months old

5.5  months 3419Jeff 5.5 months 5897Jeff IMG_5757Jeff IMG_2364Jeff copy IMG_2342Jeff copy IMG_1317 IMG_3366Jeff copy IMG_2849 IMG_2844 IMG_2831

Below 16 months old

 See more images of Oakley & Larry's puppies at 6 weeks old on the "puppy page"

IMG_0127Jeff IMG_0238Jeff IMG_0166Jeff IMG_0122Jeff

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Duchess & Robbie at 5 months old. 2 of Oakleys latest litter living at Demerlay


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Below Robbie