Ch and Port/Gib Ch Latin Lover Da Roseira Brava (Aka Lucky)

                                  Owned by Mr Paulo Coelho

Dog C.C. winner at Crufts 2015 and 2017 - Top winning whippet dog 2016


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 Lucky is now back at home in Portugal with Paulo & Clive

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          Images of Lucky by Jeff Poole

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                                        from the photographer

    Lucky has 10 C.C.'s & 3 Reserve C.C.'s


*BOB & Group 3 at Windsor 2016


*BIS at NCWC 2016


*BOB Manchester 2016


Lucky is now back in Portugal with

his owners Paulo & Clive

We now have the following whippets

sired by him at Demerlay

Lady, Venus and Milo.