CH DEMERLAY REGENCY ROMANCE JW

                                   (Demerlay Ritzy Romeo x Demerlay Eternal Love)

                                                  JODIE DOB: 8th January 2011

             Top Winning Puppy 2011           *10CC's & 2RCC's


                                                         Just a few of Jodies wins

 *Whippet Stars Best Puppy 2011

*Qualified for the prestigious JW final held at Crufts 2013

 *BPIS Whippet Club of Wales 2011

*BOB & in last 8 in Hound Group at Southern Counties 2012

*RBIS Northumberland County Show 2012

 *Darlington Champ Show BCC & BOB     *BIS Pollard Canine Society

*BCC & BIS WCOW                

**2nd OB Crufts 2013 out of 20**     


                                NB: SEE MORE RESULTS BELOW



IMG_1118 copy IMG_1126 copy IMG_0295 copy IMG_1119 copy Demerlay Regency Romance a Jodie BIS Ireland 2013 Jodie BIS Ireland Jodie BIS N Ireland

BCC & BIS at Whippet Club of Ireland 2013

**Jodie gains her 5th CC at SKC under breed judge Mrs A Defaye**

IMG_3365Jeff IMG_3342Jeff

Jodie wins her 6th CC & BOB at Bournemouth under Mrs E A MacDonald

         & goes on to win the Hound Group under Judge Mr S Milner

             & Reserve Best In Show under Mr W Brown-Cole


Jodie wins her 7th CC at WKC under Judge Mr G Robertson

Jodie moving WEB

Jodie has taken time out for maternal duties producing a lovely litter of 4 dogs & 2 bitches to Fleet "Ch Demerlay RythmnBlues"

Jasmine_2605Jeff copy Jewel_2622Jeff copy

     Jewel left & Jasmine on the

right. Jasmine is presently residing

                 at Demerlay



*Jodie wins her 8th CC at 3 Counties 2014 under Judge Mr Dave King (Daleko)


*Jodie wins her 9th CC & RBIS at EAWC 2015. Judge Mrs Molly Rule Steele


*Jodie wins her 10thh CC & BOB at Belfast 2015. Judge Mr S Milner

                            Details of CC's 1-4 gained below


* 1st CC & BOB Southern Counties 2012. Judge: Miss E Bothwell


* 2nd CC & BOB Darlington 2012. Judge: Mrs Ivy Potts


* 3rd CC WCOW 2012. Judge: Mike Howgate


* 4th CC & BIS at NIWC 2013. Judge: Mrs Pauline Oliver


                   NB: 5th CC to 9th CC details above this box

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