Demerlay Whippets are based in East Yorkshire where they are lovingly owned

   & bred by Mrs Molly Head for Type, Temperament & "Fit For Function"


 Below Molly with 3 current

Demerlay English Champions



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It is essential here at Demerlay that any puppies that we breed go to their forever homes where they will be loved and cherished as part of the family regardless of whether they are to be shown or kept as family pets.

We realise that unfortunately sometimes circumstances may change which is why I always offer to help to rehome any of the whippets I have bred & prefer owners

to contact me as Soon As Possible if they are having problems.




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  Absolutely thrilled that Gina went

                 Best of Breed

   & Hound Group 2 at Crufts 2015.

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Demerlays having their daily workout

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Not Just Show Dogs

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          Above "Ladygrove Dosey Doe" AKA Phena owned by Elizabeth Johnstone.

     Phena is by Demerlay River Rapids at Brockfield owned by Jeff & Barbara Poole


                                          Below quote from Phena's owner


Phena  qualified as a racing whippet at West Somerset Pedigree Racing Club last year but we now take her lure coursing as it suits her better. She loves the longer course .

We took her to the BSFA (British Sighthound Field Association ) at Newbury for the first time in May and she came 3rd  in her class with a good score.

The dogs run in pairs but are scored individually on stamina, agility, enthusiasm, endurance and following the lure. On Sunday July 19 she competed for the 3rd time and was first in her class (BIC).There are 4 classes altogether and Phena’s score put her 4th out of 44 whippets. We are so proud of her as she is competing with dogs who are bred from lure coursing lines.


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 Right: Molly was

thrilled & honoured

to be asked to judge

      the dogs at

     Crufts 2015


  This is Lucky 

The dog C.C. wnner


Dog C.C. winner at

      Crufts 2017


Lucky Top winning

Whippet Dog 2016

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Dandy WEB running AM8Y8240JeffPoole WEB

"Promised You A Miracle Da Roseira Brava at Demerlay"

                               4.C.C. 1R.C.C



Dandy gains

his 4th C.C.

LKA Champ

Show 2019



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